A communication tool for people living with dementia

A communication tool for people living with dementia

*Update* See What I Mean is no longer active. We continue to advise and mentor organisations and individuals using technology to improve the lives of people living with dementia. If you think you can benefit from our advice get in touch

The App

SWiM Care is designed for use within care environments such as day centres, home-care and residential settings. It makes a real difference to reminiscence and activity sessions - improving communication, engagement and mood for people with dementia. We offer training - including advice on best practice, suggestions for activities and on going customer support as part of the package.

Want to put SWiM Care into your Care Setting? Contact us at care@seewhatimean.co.uk

SWiM Personal is currently in development. With this you can upload your own photos as well as access a huge range of images from Google and Getty Images to build collections that are more meaningful to you. To be notified when the SWiM app is available on the app store sign up to our newsletter.

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Our Advisors

Jo Harrington

Partner - Innovation Unit

Joseph has experience working as a service design consultant across the public sector; leading projects from social research with vulnerable groups to transformation work at the service delivery, strategic, organisational and policy levels. Before joining the Innovation Unit, he was leading public sector work at Engine Service Design and running a programme of work to develop ethical practice in service design for the consultancy Uscreates.

Nada Savitch

Co-Director - ID

Nada has a background in information work and worked as website manager for the Alzheimer’s Society for almost six years. During this time she provided support and training to groups of people with dementia who were interested in using computers. She also worked on a consultation basis with people with dementia to design websites and to develop new and accessible computer software.

Tim Lloyd Yeates

Director - Alive!

Tim founded and directs Alive! a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people in care. He is passionate about empowering older people, especially those now living in residential care and is campaigning for care home residents to have access to their interests. He is also the acknowledged innovator of using iPads with people with dementia and co-founded the Memory Apps for Dementia partnership in 2010.

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